Reflecting on Human-Robot Interaction practices through Annotated Portfolios of Robotic Artefacts

March 7th, 2022 – online





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The HRI field produces numerous artefacts as part of the research. Yet, this type of work generally is hardly legitimised and generates a low impact in the field. Thus, we need a better understanding of design explorations – works characterised by the use of design methods and/or the development of an artefact – and their potential for the HRI field.

In particular, we should address HRI artefacts as a body of untapped knowledge about what robot might look, act, and be like. But, how can we make this knowledge explicit and generalisable for the community? How can we learn from robotic artefacts?

To answer these questions, the workshop will focus on the use of Annotated Portfolios as a way to learn from existing robotic artefacts and generate design knowledge relevant to the field.

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